The effects of Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) on the normal and onset of alloxaninduced diabetes in male and female Swiss albino mice were examined. It was observed that the mice given orally juice extract of Bitter melon (10 ml /kg BW for 12 weeks) showed a significant decrease in the blood glucose level and glycosylated hemoglobin A1c of diabetic mice induced by intraperitoneal injection of alloxan (50 mg/ kg, BW i.p.) and significantly improved the glucose tolerance test. Histological examinations were also done on pancreas. Oral administration of juice extract of Bitter melon (10 ml/ kg BW) three times weekly for 12 weeks showed dramatic regeneration in the pancreatic islets of alloxan diabetic mice. The present results suggest that orally given of fruit juice, M. charantia may have a role in the renewal of β cells in alloxan-diabetic mice or alternately may permit the recovery of partially destroyed β cells. Momordica charantia may effectively normalize blood AST, ALT, creatinine and cholestrol in alloxan induced-diabetic group.
These findings revealed that juice extract of bitter melon may have a potential benefit in the treatment of diabetes, play a role in its management and reduces the risk of diabetic complications.

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